Common Ground Recommendations from the Action Group

Overall Vision

Pride Parade

Heritage and Education site that contributes to the edification of our community: Learning from the past, healing wounds left from our histories, and exhibiting contributions of many different peoples and cultures that helped build this community

Inclusive of all the heritages past and present in Syracuse

Continues to honor Italian American contributions through a modified monument

Serves as a platform to promote education and dialogue that is civic and civil and that promotes critical thinking, open minds, and a deeper understanding of our histories and each other’s perspective

Site Elements

Welcoming, peaceful, contemplative, informative, aesthetically beautiful

Natural, robust and colorful landscaping with substantive greenery and water

Artwork, or a collaborative work of art (“Feature”)

Educational content (signage, technology)

Focus on history and contributions of the Onondagas as a pathway to healing: Tree of Peace, Eternal flame

General Observations and Recommendations to Consider

La Joven Guardia

Central to the Action Group discussions was the suffering from which both the Italian immigrants and Indigenous Nations as well as other immigrants and people of color have experienced and continue to experience.

A vision and a desire to reduce pain and to bring healing to the pain of oppression for all groups. It is not the desire to erase the history of anyone but to recognize the need to share our histories.

Focus on contributions by and to our local community to instill local pride and preserve the history of our community.

The site would be one of a Town Square which is inclusive of its residents and its rich history, and allows for rest, play, education, and enjoyment.