WISH CNY share their views; “Relocating Columbus statue will allow for a deeper retelling of history”

The women of Women of Italian and Syracuse Heritage of Central New York (WISH CNY) ask you to join us in applauding the process by which the City of Syracuse is planning the much-anticipated Heritage Park and Circle. The process began years ago and is based on hours and hours of community dialogue, culminating in the Final Report and Recommendations for Mayor Ben Walsh from the Columbus Circle Action Committee on Oct. 7, 2020. This has been, and continues to be, a thoughtful and meaningful process.
As the Columbus Monument finds a new, respected home, the history of the monument and the heritage of the Italian people can be told in a more detailed and thoughtful manner. We believe that within a museum or educational setting, the public, school groups, visitors and residents will be able to view the artistry of the Renzo Baldi sculpture up close, while learning about the people who raised the funds to build it, and the complex history surrounding this much-debated statue. History is never one story, and understanding the deep roots of colonization that Columbus represents and why even an artistic representation is painful to many, is a critical piece of that story.

syracuse.com, 8/9/2021

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